Summer Events

Barbecue party on the MS RheinCargo
in summer 2022

Vacation mood on our event ship MS RheinCargo: Relax and enjoy delicious food from the grill in an extraordinary atmosphere during a cruise on the Rhine. Our DJ Peter provides the right mood with the current charts from the top ten.

Cologne harbor tour with live music by the 3 Söck on 06.06.2021 + on 04.07.2021* with surprise guest + on 18.07.2021

Cologne harbor tour on the MS RheinCargo: Experience our popular Grand Cologne harbor tour a little differently! A real Kölsche Schifffahrt needs of course also with some music ... this time vun de 3 Söck live met d'r Quetsch with us on board!

Schlagermove DAY boat party and EVENING boat party on the MS Lorely on 12.06.2021

When "A Festival of Love" by Jürgen Markus sounds, then it is again Schlagermove boat party in Cologne! Be there for this "schlager" event boat trip!

NEW! Comedy harbor tour with Irmgard Knüppel on Sunday, 29.08.2021

On this cruise through the ports of Cologne, you'll not only hear live explanations from our guides, but you'll also have a good laugh as Gabi Weiss, in her leading role as "Irmgard Knüppel", serves up the food and clears the table!

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