About us

Corporate mission

Kölntourist Passenger Shipping at the Cathedral GmbH

Authentic, natural, cologne.

We want to be there for our guests...so that they feel comfortable with us.

Cologne is a feeling...and the Rhine is naturally part of it. On board, the well-being of our guests is our priority. We are there...

...for Cologne residents who want to discover or rediscover their city from a new perspective,

...for tourists who want to "experience" the cathedral city,

...for all those who appreciate the small and familiar setting.

We are tolerant...and proud of it.

On board, we live the Rhenish attitude to life. This also includes the fact that we value all people...

...regardless of skin color,


...religious affiliation

...or sexual orientation.

The members of our team are as diverse as our guests. We are diverse and colorful. Mutual respect and dignity of each person are our first priority.

We are anchored in Cologne... and like the city constantly in flux

We are a family and family-run shipping company, accordingly...

...the focus is on personal contact with our guests. 

...we focus on individual support and high quality at fair prices.

...we are always open to new ideas.

We accept praise and constructive criticism from our customers, take it seriously and make use of it. The continuous development of our offerings and improvement of our processes is literally always "in flux".

We rely on experience for over 20 years... authentic, natural, kölsch.

As a down-to-earth family business, we are already in the third generation on the Rhine, for over 20 years of which in Cologne. This long experience is reflected in commitment, reliability, professional competence and personal advice from the entire team. We are for our guests...

...a professional and helpful team,

...tipsters for their stay in Cologne and

...reliable partner before, during and after your individual Rhine experience.

Our cooperation partners:

Spendenaktion Aidshilfe Köln e.V. Liebe Gäste, mit jeder Fahrt auf einem unserer Schiffe unterstützen Sie die Spendenaktion »Wir machen mit« zu Gunsten des Aidshilfe Köln e.V. Angenehmer kann helfen nicht sein: Genießen Sie eine entspannte Zeit auf dem Rhein und leisten dabei gleichzeitig einen Beitrag, die Präventions- und Beratungsarbeit der Aidshilfe zu sichern! Haupt- und ehrenamtliche Mitarbeiter/innen arbeiten seit 1985 gemeinsam daran, Menschen mit HIV und Aids zu beraten und zu begleiten, Selbsthilfe zu fördern und Gesundheitsfragen zu beantworten. In der Prävention wird durch Information und Aufklärung Eigenverantwortung gefördert. TIPP! Als Mitglied im Club 500 erhalten Sie freie Fahrt auf allen Panoramafahrten und Tagesfahrten! Die Mitglieder im Club 500 sind die »Helferzellen« der Lebenshaus-Stiftung. Ihr gemeinsames Ziel ist es, Menschen die an Aids erkrankt sind zur gesellschaftlichen Integration zu verhelfen und ein Leben in größtmöglicher Eigenständigkeit und Würde zu ermöglichen.


Heiner Buttenberg Foundation 

We also support the Heiner Buttenberg Foundation for the benefit of needy and distressed children in Eastern Europe. The foundation was established in July 2000. Heiner Buttenberg made this possible by donating his hotel property City Hotel Meckenheim to the foundation with a value of approx. 5.5 million euros. Currently, the foundation is involved in the implementation and support of projects in Romania. These include, for example, the children's village "Hansel and Gretel" in Buzias, the mother-child house "Anna Maria" - a home for mothers left alone with children in particularly difficult situations - or the children's holiday paradise in the Silagiu mountains. All supporters of the Foundation are invited to personally see the progress of the projects during a visit on site.


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