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A boat trip is always something special that you remember fondly. But with the feeling of being on the Rhine with friends, it becomes something unique. With us you can relax and unwind in a family atmosphere. Our team will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have about your personal Rhine experience, because we know what matters. So let's get talking.


Angi Schmitz. The rudder firmly in her hand.

Michael Schmitz

Michael Schmitz. "Captain Micha

Michaela Herzog. With her, all guests are king and queen.

Thomas Herzog. Always on the right course.

Janina Dreßen. Only the best for the guests.

Ferdinand Barthel. Communication under one hat.

Angela Anger. Our guests will always find an open ear with her.

Aragorn. Always on duty for the safety of the guests.

Biggi. Ensures law and order in the office.

Short interview with Angi & Micha Schmitz

Manuscript, camera & director: Tobias Nahrendorf | Questions & off-camera commentary: Ferdinand Barthel

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