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Nautical Workshop

Preparatory course for inland navigation trainees 

KölnTourist Personenschiffahrt am Dom GmbH, in cooperation with Köln-Düsseldorfer Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt GmbH, is organizing a nautical workshop for inland navigation trainees. The course is eligible for funding under the program "Förderung für Ausbildung" from the WSV.

In 2021, we held this preparatory course for the first time and received very positive feedback throughout. We have optimized the format again for 2023 and place great emphasis on the new training regulations. The courses will take place in Cologne.

Dates, prices and services

  • Sub-course:
    Arrival 27.10.2024 | Course from 28.10.2024 | Departure 02.11.2024
  • Middle course:
    Arrival 03.11.2024 | Course from 04.11.2024 | Departure 09.11.2024
  • Upper course:
    Arrival 12.11.2024 | Course from 13.11.2024 | Departure 18.11.2024

Costs: 850.00 Euro per participant (plus 19% VAT)


  • 6 nights with breakfast and dinner at the youth hostel Köln-Deutz Siegesstraße 5, 50679 Cologne, Germany
  • Training rooms on board our ships
  • 5 days lunch on board
  • hot and cold drinks, break snacks during the whole training days on board
  • Workshop with lecturers (experienced skippers and instructors as well as former teachers of the SBK in Duisburg)
  • Working material incl. a starter kit (writing pad, pen, small welcome gift)
  • each participant receives a folder with worksheets on all topics
  • Excursion to selected, profession-specific facilities in the vicinity

Registration by 29.07.2024 at the latest

When registering, please also inform us of the training objective: bargeman or inland waterway captain

Registration, administration, accounting
Emelie Schmidt & Tobias Nahrendorf
Tel. 0221 / 121600

Course Director: Patrick Gereke

Feedback from the students

The Nautical Workshop prepared me very well for the vocational block. Both the repetition of the previous year's topics and the preparation for the upcoming topics gave me a great head start. You just go to school more relaxed if you already have some previous knowledge, which is also reflected in the grades. Nice and competent lecturers, good food and a pleasant environment with new people make it perfect.

I thought the nautical workshop was great. I've already heard the essential and basic things that come up in school beforehand. I also learned most of the knots on the training ship, even though I won't need them until next year. And the most important thing: It was fun as hell and there was also good food.

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