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Trainee Project Restoration of the Historic Council Ship MS Stadt Köln

The MS Stadt Köln is a masterpiece of naval architecture of its time and still one of the fastest ships on the Rhine. She is almost completely preserved in her original condition and has been listed as an outstanding example of 1930s shipbuilding since 1990. She was built in 1938 for the city of Cologne at the Christof Ruthof shipyard in Mainz-Kastel. She was used as a representative ship and for receptions of the most famous and important national and international personalities. Her interior still reflects the high standards of comfort.

A non-profit association was founded in 2012 to preserve this unique monument. The goal is to make the MS City of Cologne accessible to the public again. The salons are to remain usable for special events, receptions, press conferences, seminars and wedding ceremonies. Occasional trips for representation and association purposes should also remain possible.

Shipping out of love: KölnTourist is committed to this unique ship not only as a member of the sponsoring association, but also on a voluntary basis. Our nautical team - together with our inland navigation trainees - actively supports the restoration in order to preserve the MS Stadt Köln for posterity. At the same time, our trainees gain valuable knowledge in the functioning of a historic ship.

Heiner Buttenberg Foundation 

We support the Heiner Buttenberg Foundation for the benefit of needy and distressed children in Eastern Europe. The foundation was established in July 2000. Heiner Buttenberg made this possible by donating his hotel property City Hotel Meckenheim to the foundation with a value of approx. 5.5 million euros. Currently, the foundation is involved in the implementation and support of projects in Romania. These include, for example, the children's village "Hansel and Gretel" in Buzias, the mother-child house "Anna Maria" - a home for mothers left alone with children in particularly difficult situations - or the children's holiday paradise in the Silagiu mountains. All supporters of the Foundation are invited to personally see the progress of the projects during a visit on site.

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