KölnTourist has produced its first DNK report

KölnTourist has been on a journey towards greater sustainability for some time now. After all, responsible action, careful use of the environment and resources and fair treatment of employees are particularly important to us as a family business. Our goal is to become a little better every day!

As a family business, we face up to our responsibility every day. The careful use of resources, and in particular the element of water, is of particular importance to us. Treating our employees fairly and openly at all times is part of our firmly anchored value system within the company and our declared aim is to secure the economic success of the family business for future generations.

We are still a long way from reaching the goal of our sustainability efforts, but we are working hard on it, with all our might and with firm conviction. Because we love what we do, even when it comes to sustainable action.

Our first declaration on the German Sustainability Code is a milestone for us. In it, we report on our sustainability efforts based on the 20 criteria of the DNK. The Sustainability Code Report 2023 is now available on ourhomepage and on the website of the GermanSustainability Code.

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